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Default Re: Sage SLT vs. FLi

go to all the dealers near to you and get the free trial, twice from each dealer.. its free fly casting lessons.. im not being a jerk, you are going to buy a rod correct?.. if you were kicking tires it would be different. you will learn alot about your casting problems and fly rods.. when you get a feel for casting them it will help you.. the fli is a nice rod for the money and i think it comes with a guarentee. my favorite is the winston boron, but i cant see paying the money for either, and have some sage ds and ds2 rods that do fine for me that i bought off ebay.. .. to me some of the expensive rods are heavy so i wouldnt go for that.. (none are mentioned here) the big problem is until you develop a fishing style and learn how to cast you cant tell what you have.. the sage dealer here in town said the biggest problem with the fli is that it is too inexpensive.. im not kidding, its pretty good for the money.. it fills in the gap between the high end and the cheap box store rods i guess.. the dealers are probably taking it in the pocket book in profit loss on the less expenive fli.. right at this point if i was going to spend about 400 dollars it would probably be the fli..ive never tried the other sage you mentioned.. the most important thing is if your going to spend the big bucks get the fourpiece as apposed to the two piece.. dave
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