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Default Re: Louisiana Redfish Trip Report

I have fished NOLA a couple of times a year for the last 15 years. The last being in January 2014. Like your trip the forecast was sketchy at best, calling for 90% cloud cover. My guide told me I would be able to see them in the dark. I have fished with him in all kinds of weather including 25knt+- wind but always with sunshine. I was unsure about sight fishing without the sun but he convinced me to go and we fished two days. The first it blew 15-20 and we caught about 20 fish up to 20lbs. It was fairly difficult fishing but we made the best of a tough conditions. The second day the wind lay down and we caught 50+ reds up to 25lbs with most in the 18lb range. The fishing was so good I climbed up on the platform and poled my guide around for a while so he could get in on the bite. I learned that you can see the fish clearly even in total cloud cover if the wind is down, the water is shallow, and the fish are big.
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