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Default Re: Keeping track of leaders

I guess I'm just a tidy kind of guy. Purchased leaders have a label in the baggie, and since I make my own leaders using LeaderCalc, I make my own labels.
So most of the time when I take off a leader I put it back in the baggie in my vest. If a leader becomes sufficiently tangled or cut back that I am not sure of its properties, I put it in a side pocket and later on at home I use my micrometer to measure the tippet end, rebuild the leader and put it (back) in a baggie.
If you make your own it should be easy to put a different coloured mono in the butt or middle of your leaders to distinguish the formula used, but you (I) would still have to use the micrometer to know where to rebuild if it got too chewed up.
If it weren't for the labeled bags I probably couldn't tell mine apart either.
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