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Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

I've got a bunch of them,5 1/2 ft,7 1/2 ft,9 ft and 12 ft.Some are from Orvis and some from Cutthroat.I like the Orvis better,although they dont have them on-line anymore,I did find some in their NYC store.The Orvis float better than the Cutthroat,found I had to grease them with floatant more often.I was using a liquid Loon floatant,this season I'm trying some paste I got from Cutthroat.The best thing about the braided leader is that they dont curl like mono and seem to cast and turn over easier.With my little 6' 2wt I can cast a 12 leader with 2-3' of tippet using only a couple feet of line past the tip,making short 12 to 15' casts using mostly leader.
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