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Default First flyfishing trip. Lessons Learned.

My first trip was a success. Fished Lower Illinois near Gore Ok. Caught 18+ stocker rainbows. Missed what seemed like 100. Started fishing about 9am, quit about 530pm.

Heres what I learned; first I shoulda had wool socks. I brought them but surely the water wont be that cold. WRONG. I couldnt feel my feet after the first hour, 13 hours later theyre still cold. On a positive note my new Simms wadeing boots and Dry plus waist waders performed great. Both are comfortable and kept me dry.

I dont know why they are called wind knots, they should call them "Lurker" tangles, because wind had nothing to do with it.. What a mess. I need a straightener or something to undo the memory. Replaced tippit several times and Leader twice.

Sz18 midge hooks are very sharp. After hooking 2 fingers, I smashed the barb...then promptly hooked myself in the lip. How you ask?

Trout are not bass or catfish, do NOT try to cross theyre eyes when setting the hook. You might imbed a hook in your lip. Powerful hooksets lead to wind knots or Lurker tangles.

Keep an eye on your indicator; I watched mine pop up 20 times. Also keep your line straight as it drifts.

Dont horse your fish, your line will break and you will lose your last olive midge.

Bring more than a couple of olive midges, also bring more black n white and red n white. Oh and bring more olive scuds. Or learn how to set hook and avoid wind knots....which lead to break offs.

Also bring a net. It has to make releasing fish easier.

Bring a waterproof camara, after takeing 2 pics with my cell phone, I decided its not worth the risk. Plus its hard enough to just release them without trying to make them hold still for a crappy cell phone picture.

Oh, almost forgot, catching trout on a 3wt is more fun than catching them on a 5wt. I caught about an equal amount on both my rods....I love my 3wt.

Yes, today I learned alot. I had a great time, met some nice folks, and caught a bunch of trout. Cant wait for my next trip.
Look out fish, Im learning a new way to catch you.
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