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Default Re: Bennett Spring

You cannot compare opening day of trout season in a Missouri Trout Park to real trout fishing...the only thing they have in common is they both involve fish and water. Opening day is just an over-crowded event barely related to trout fishing other than in name only. On one popular Missouri fishing forum multiple people recently posted that the first and most important thing to pack for opening day of trout season was jagermeister!

You could not get me to fish there opening day if you paid me!

FYI - that being said, Bennett Spring is the third largest spring in Missouri (over 100 million gallons per day) and there is another section of the stream (about a mile long starting where the spring originates) that does not allow any bait or soft/hard artificial lures; only single hook flies. The fly only area was not shown on the video. Many of the people who fish the fly only area practice C&R.

I have fished a couple of the Missouri trout parks over the years, and if you stay away from opening days, weekends and holidays...then it is not crowded and you can have a lot of fun with micro-nymphs and drys. The parks also provide access for disabled individuals to fly fish, and they are a great place to teach kids and adult beginners how to fish with a fly rod (there is nothing like catching something to guarantee a desire to return and do it again).
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