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Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

I have been using furled leaders for years and cannot remember the last time I used a straight mono leader. I absolutely agree with most of the comments: furled leaders are completely limp, turn over better than mono, are long lasting (I have been using a couple of furled leaders for more than 2 years), and are best with tippet rings (makes changing tippet a breeze). I use mostly 5ft leaders for trout, but will go up to a 6ft or 7ft depending on conditions.

You can get furled leaders in many materials that work very well. I have been using furled leaders made out of spider wire - this results in a very thin leader that is absolutely "uber" strong, and the spider wire material is self-floating - never have to add any paste/floatant, even when fishing all day. Of course spider wire is not a good choice for a sinking line, try a fluoro furled leader for deep streamer fishing.

Lastly wind knots - like fishnskiguy said, they are harder to get undone since the furled leader is so limp that you cannot "push" to get the knot loose. However, I undo wind knots from furled leaders right on the stream in just a few seconds by carrying and using a pair of Rocky Mountain T-PIKs. These little knot-pickers are cheap and easy to use - can be bought on ebay or direct from the manufacturer in Montana (t4products). I have no financial interest in this company, I just like their cheap little tool for getting knots out of any leader, especially the furled leaders.
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