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Default Ft Churchill Cooling Ponds

Took the boy out early this morning down to Wabuska (about an hour and a half southeast of Reno). Just outside of the Sierra Pacific power plant are a couple of very large ponds ... more like small reservoirs. I haven't been down there in years, but he wanted to go as he recently caught some channel cats with his grandfather there.

I looked up the info in my Nevada fishing regs to remind myself what was swimming around. Largemouths, cats, bluegill, red-eared sunfish, and carp. So I packed my vest full of poppers, the boy had his spinning rod and a box with darn near everything. Nice morning ... 60F and sunny. Although by 11am it was in the high 80s. It was a bit difficult finding a level spot on the rocky banks for a 13 yr old to fish from without my worrying that he'll fall. My ex is a frightening woman! Better to take no chances.

I let him pick out our spots. We were the only ones there for the first 2 hours. And even then, it was a couple of teens using a bow and arrow to try and snag a couple carp. They had no luck. The blue herons and loons were doing alright though!

Carp were surfacing near the reeds and grabbing lazy dragonflies. So I tied on a large blue speckled popper with white rubber wings. I was just flipping near the reed bases and stripping in slowly. Within 15 minutes, one of those carp came up and grabbed it. He situated himself right in those reeds and held on for dear life. Several minutes of my trying to wriggle and coax him out of there, my tippet snapped. I don't know if he was large or just wily. An hour or so later, we saw a HUGE carp roll onto the surface a good 50 feet away. That guy was at least 2 feet long, but most likely bigger.

That popper was the only one I had that mimicked a dragonfly, so I tied on a bumblebee pattern. Had a few bluegills bite at it but nothing like that carp. Neither of us hit any bass. He did alright with those bluegills though using salmon eggs coated in crappie jelly. The boy is always teasing me that he catches more fish than his old man. I keep reminding him that its not the catch, its the hunt. He'll figure it out, since next year he wants to try out a fly rod. His spinning gear will gather a lot of dust after that.
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