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Default What am I doing wrong???

I used to only fish on Grandpa's cane rod. I recently switched to a Scott G 885/3. I over weighted the rod to slow it down to make it more like bamboo. I was using SA Mastery WF-6-F but it wasn't casting very well. I tried a spool of cheep SA Air Cell DT-6-F and things went much better. I was casting 70+ feet with lots of control. After reading a post about why I shouldn't overweight my rod, i went out and got a spool of SA Ultra 3 WF-5-F. Now the best I can do is 20'??? The line usually ends in a pile 15' in front of me. The back cast works fine, but the front cast seem to stall. I have played with my timing and had no luck. WF should cast farther then the DT and the 5wt should have better line speed... It has to be something i'm doing wrong. Any tips?
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