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Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
rebel1623: Nice work on the video, that was fun to watch, thanks for posting. I have to agree the Green is a great place to fish, the water is crystal clear and it is fun watching the fish herd downstream as the boat floats over, needless to say the fishing is also great. Looks like you were primarily nymph fishing, did you do any dry fly or terresterial tossing? Which outfit did the guiding? The water level looked much higher than when I floated it in the spring, any idea what the flow was.

I was with Green River Outfitters, and the guide said the water was very high and had been so all summer. He seemed to be expecting slower fishing as a result, but we had good luck anyway. We did exclusively nymph fishing- he wanted to try some dry flies but felt it wouldn't work well in the high waters.

For a free Green River tip, the guide said if you do want to dry fly fish you shouldn't do so in the early part of the A stage right below the dam- you should wait until a later part where there are apparently more grasshoppers jumping into the water. I'm sure the advice would be different if there were an active hatch going on though.
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