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Being that this is my first post in this forum, which I have just found, I'm glad I can provide some eyes on the ground for you being that I live in Anchorage. It's nice to help on the first post than to ask a question.

The best source of information that I can give you is to check the Alaska Outdoor Journal.

This is a staple for most fisherman here in AK. It will have charts on how many fish are passing the sonar counters, private angler reports, Emergency orders from Fish and Game, etc.

The waters on the Kenai are starting to recede after a dam broke on one of the lakes above the Kenai. Waters are high and fast, but fishing still remains good. A lot of people are limiting out within an hour or so.

I have been taking my wife and kids to Ship's Creek the last few days and teaching them to fish for silvers and pinks. There are plenty of them in there, and in my freezer! I prefer fishing low tide as you can see the fish mving up the creek. Be prepared for fighting the mud. It is thick and relentless, but not bad on the creek floor. During high tide, there is good fishing if you want to throw vibrex or pixies.

I hope this helps you out and if I can help out with any other info.
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