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Just going to add:

Don't focus so much on your double haul as you do on good, hard stops and tight loops both backward and forward. Shooting line and adding a double haul (to me) are secondary to this IMO. The double haul is excellent for avoiding fatigue when you're casting all day and it certainly adds line speed and facilitates shooting for distance, but you don't want it to be a crutch to compensate for wimpy stops or wide loops .

That's my take -- just an opinion.
Thanks for your reply-

I can do all that you say with line management up to 50 feet. but when it comes to casting further it seems that when I do the stop on the forward cast I get that dreaded tailing, or closed loop. Now I know it could probably be all timing- but I try so many times and it seems as though when I stop following the " guide" lines I do better.

Lefty Kreh states that no two people cast the same- as we all have different body mechanics. Peter Hayes certainly does not do the traditional cast and supposedly achieves 170' cast. (Of course in every video I have seen of him I have not seen his loops)

I think the best thing for me would be for me to video myself casting and see where I am going wrong.

Yesterday on the water I got nice tight loops by waiting to haul on the forward cast until the rod was in front of me- that helped tremendously with the closed loops but I could not get any further than about 50-60 feet in thigh high water. Granted I was not using a stripping basket so my intermediate line was submerged while false casting thus providing resistance.

Like someone posed the question- "How do you get to Carnegie hall?" practice, practice, practice.