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Default Re: Recommended 44 mag ammo

gutterpunk, I had a sow Brown Bear with cubs charge me from about 20-25 yards. No I am not talking about a grizz north of the Alaska Range. My guess she was well over 600 pounds and had two two year old cubs almost as big as her. You do what you have to do. I had a 300 Win Mag. One in the tube, three in the mag. Still dark but enough ambient light to see outlines and contrast. I was moving to a clearing to scope for moose. Hearing what sounded like a corn thresher I turned around and my movement startled Mama bear and she stood up on her hind legs. I clicked the safety and slowly started moving back. She then dropped to all fours and charged. I put the first one over her head. Reloaded and then a second one. She was still coming and I was still backing up. I then tripped and fell backwards into some bushes. Iím sitting on my butt the bear is still coming. I then lowered the muzzle to point at the center of her chest. I was just about ready to pull the trigger and she turned and ran the opposite way with cubs in tow leaving a trail of bear **** for the effort. Could I have had the same outcome with a 44 mag maybe but after that experience my preferred firearm in bear country and Iím not talking about black bears is a Mini-30. JMHO.
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