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Default Re: Moving to the NW E/SE of Portland this year

Sorry for the long absence and, as a result the late replies. Been working a lot and although i'm now on the "home-stretch" of the relocation/visa process there's still a little time to go as I'm awaiting an appointment at the US embassy in London to get the stamp before I can actually head over. I think I mentioned in my intro that it would be summer-time. That was me being cautious but it looks like that's about about right now.

Thanks again for the info. Jay and Brian.

Jay: I hope they eventually did make an appearance. I'll be trawling the forum again now so i'm sure i'll find out get your point about spey rods and distance-casting. At the beginning I think i'll try my 9/10# with a good forward-taper weight-forward line (intermediate or sink-tip) and see what happens. It has a fair bit of power and obviously a 9/10 line with the right kind of rod action can, with good casting (well, very average casting in my case!) go a reasonable distance. Having said that I saw a nice spey rod on Ebay which may do the business, so we'll see. Interesting to hear about the trout stillwaters in the vicinity of Portland too. That's something i'll definitely look into once i'm settled Thanks for the heads-up on the Upper Clackamas too. I'd read some stuff about that area and it did indeed talk about nice trout fishing in exchange for a bit of hiking effort - which suits me just fine!

Brian: that's great info. about the Columbia gorge streams and in fact the rest of the state too. As you might imagine, i've been looking at lots of maps of some of these feeder streams you mention and wondered if they would have healthy native trout populations, albeit I realise they might not be big fish - which doesn't bother me at all. Thanks for the offer as well. I'll be sure to drop you a line once i'm there and ready to travel and fish. Thanks very much Oh, and as for the rain - I realise this is out-of-date now, but you can have some of ours! Becky (my wife) told me it had been unseasonably dry back when I last posted, but also mentioned that this had changed in the last couple of months, so I hope fishing conditions have improved for you and all Oregon fishers. Since the trout season started here on March 15th, the weather has been mostly cold and windy in this part of Scotland, with the wind mostly coming from the east too. At this time of year that means significant wind-chill. result: relatively poor trout fishing conditions and "success". Folks in the west have fared a little better though. Looks like things are set to change a bit next week. Here's hoping.

Catch you all again soon
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