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Default Question regarding oversize rod for smaller flies?

What are the drawbacks for utilizing an oversize rod for smaller flies? I was asked this question by a friend and I actually didn't have a good answer other than one would be utilizing a rod that would take some of the enjoyment out of reeling in smaller fish.

I understand matching line sizes with rod sizes, over-lining, under-lining, etc. I have fly rods in a variety of weights to be utilized based on the fish I am targeting and the water I am fishing; so, I'm not asking about that.

When people ask me, here in MT, for my recommendation for a one-size, all around rod I usually suggest a 5 weight. However, I know someone who uses a 7 weight for everything and I'll be darned if he can't case a size 20 fly better with that thing than I can with my 5 weight.

So, back to my original question, other than the answer I provided above, what are the drawbacks for using a 7 weight or 8 weight rod to case small flies? Heck, my friend says that it is easier for him to cast small flies with the 7 weight rod than it is when he uses a 4 or 5 weight.
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