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Default Re: Galvan Rush Light, Nautilus FWX, Hardy UltraliteDD

Mysticm and Nickel- you guys hit it on the head. Took MY rod with me to get another look. While I was fiddling, the gentleman helping me let out some remark of surprise and pulled out an Abel in one of the three DeYoung trout schemes, all of which have copper/brown/bronze/tan whatever. Looked really cool. I asked to see a bronze torque, and by far, that is the absolute best looking color on the skeletal Zenith.
All that being said, Galvan Rush LT 5 in the clear is what I will be getting.
I pointed out the things from my "cons" list to the gentleman, and he set me straight.... Coming from the lamsons, no drag detents, and playing with the hardy first, "little" rotation between detents, I wasn't rotating the knob on the Galvan enough to get from one detent to the other. So every three or four "little" (false) rotations, each I was expecting to feel but didn't, id hit a real detent and feel it. The gentleman today kindly pointed out to me that I wasn't turning the knob enough (WITHOUT making me feel stupid). He then pointed out how many full turns were between locked down and baby light, and translated that to being more fine tunable. I bought that speech. I then realized the "wiggle" in the drag knob I was feeling before was due to being between detents.....whoops
I swapped between the Rush 4/5 and Ultralite 4000/5000 and the balance point moved around maybe 1/2"max with all being where the blank and cork meet or more towards the butt. The heaviest of them being the Rush 5 seemed to be my preference. Franly though, one could mount the four and hand me the rod blindfolded and I wouldn't be able to tell a difference. My thoughts with going to the 5 size are that if anytime in the future I have a legitimate need for a reel with a good drag, it will be on a heavier weight rod, and I have a reel for my 2wt already.
Thanks for helping out, sharing your thoughts, and listening to mine.

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