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Default Re: Starting a club at my University!

Originally Posted by nicknick222 View Post
Great work guys love the pictures and the trips!! As president of the Trojan Anglers Club out here at USC (southern california, not south carolina) Im going through all the same struggles and issues. Its been a tough time getting the club to a large enough group out here but we are growing steadily. As you could expect we are a little more isolated in the ways of fishing opportunities being in downtown LA but we try our best.

Additionally, I feel the lack of fly fishing at the school is a matter of lifestyle in southern california and there are simply fewer people who are addicted as in places where it may be more accessible. We have a lot of conventional saltwater guys who I am still trying to convert!

If you have a competitive bass fishing team I would also love to talk with you guys concerning that. Me and my friend are getting our bass rigs ready for the upcoming season on the FLW and BASS circuits.

If it ever happens that USC and Michigan play each other in football sometime soon I would love to get together and take a trip with you guys.

I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. Tightlines.
Hey Nick! Awesome to hear of some other clubs from around the nation. We do have a bass tournament team here, or we did, but they haven't been active of late. My co-founder and I actually were thinking about competing some time soon possibly. Our adviser for the club is the adviser for the bass fishing club as well, so if you see anyone fly fishing at a bass tournament with a big block M, that's us.

On another note, I just started a new group on Facebook for College Fly Fishermen:

Members of my club thought it would be interesting running tournaments through the summer and over the school year on this group. So say, we have a trout tournament, and people post a picture with their name, the date and the fish with a measurement. I thought it would at least be entertaining if nothing else.

Secondly, we thought it would be good to establish ties with other groups around the nation in case we ever end up in their area and they want to show us some holes, or, even better yet, have a collegiate fly fishing tournament in different areas at the end of every summer (or beginning, or whatever works best for people). Now that would be awesome.

Anyways, hope you and some friends join the group. I was going to continue to get the word out there to other clubs soon, because right now I think I've only hit a few clubs (like the ones in there right now, Colorado U, Appalachian State, Penn State and Arkansas).
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