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Default Oil impregnation for bamboo

Hi Guys,

I picked up an absolute bargain of a deal on ebay a few weeks back. Its a 3pc bamboo rod. I cant tell you what make or anything as there were no markinfs whatsoever, might just have been a home job. Still, 5 bucks was worth the go.

When I got the rod I knew it needed work, the images showed badly frayed threads and looked like peeling varnish. All was very true, it was in a bad state. So I cleared all the thread off, got started on clearing the badly cracked and peeling varnish. Still have a few tough spots I am trying to clear but it looks awesome so far.

My question now is one of varnish vs oil impregnation. I am sure they both have their own pro's and cons. My varnish put off is how this rod looked when I got it, my worry about how it will affect the rod action if at all. Oil from my uses over the years works a treat in protecting from elements. Brings out natural colours and characters. But how do I seal off after the impregnation? Can I buff with a natural wax, like bees wax or something?

Oh, and I have noticed 2 places where the cane sections have split a bit. How do I "repair" this? Can I fill it with an epoxy or some such thing?

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