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Default Re: Who designed the Winston WT and LT?

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
My belief is that it was Tom Morgan with input from bamboo guru Glenn Bracket that designed the WT's. These rods slowly and carefully evolved during the process of having blanks custom fabricated by quality suppliers until Winston eventually started rolling their own. These are the rods, especially in 8'/#4 and 8 1/2'/#5&6, that made many a trout angler fall in love with carefully crafted, modest actioned, rich green rods made in a tin shack on a back ally in Twin Bridges. Contemporary Winston, wisely, continues to build WT models and the real thing is still made by Tom Morgan Rodsmiths. Whenever I see Glenn, and I hope I will in a couple weeks from now, I try to encourage him to add a graphite rod building addition to Sweetgrass...he resounds with his wise, gentle smile and encourages me to order a cane rod from him.

From what I can tell that's accurate. On the Holy Water of the Ausable the 8 1/2' WT rods in 4-5-6 are pretty much considered all you'd ever need and I agree. They are GREAT small stream rods and as good as anything in their class for that type of inside 40' presentations. And the IM6 blank rods are lusted after to this day.

The B IIx in 9-6 was a great dry fly rod. It just couldn't do anything else. but the B IIx's were definitely a step up in performance in the 9' plus rods over the WT's. And the 4-5-6 BIIx in the 9 were nice rods, but they still couldn't lift enough for their size. But I had a friend who had a the 9-8 BIIx (I owned one myself for a short time) and claimed it was a great "calm day" bonefish rod. All I could thing of was What is this calm day bonefish thing?

I threw a B IIIx 9-5 at the MI fly show and it folded past 60' for my casting stroke. Which in fairness is a long cast for fishing with a 9-5, but it didn't have near the reserve of the Zenith, Z-Axis, or Radian.
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