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Default Re: Beginner looking to fish in the city

Originally Posted by gabysapha View Post
Hi everyone,

I am relocating to downtown Boston and am looking for fishing spots, mentors, classes, events, etc. inside the city to get me started.
I just completed my Bachelors at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and took many classes on fish ecology since the Fingerlakes were right in our backyard! I also spent a summer in the Hudson River Valley doing research on herring in the Tivoli Bays region.

The only fishing I have done involved a wooden stick, fishing line, a hook and worm on Cayuga Lake and Owasco Lake, but I caught plenty of panfish, perch, and even a largemouth bass this way.

Now that I will relocate to Boston without having learned to use "proper" equipment or technique, I am looking for mentors or groups where I can learn the basics.

I also do not have a car; are there fishing spots in Boston accessible via the T? Jamaica Pond is a block from my home and it is stocked with trout and salmon in the spring. The Charles is likely full of carp. I am unsure where else to go.

Any advice, tips, or connections would be much appreciated! thank you!

Try the Brookline Res. on Route 9 Less than a mile from Jamaica Pond. They used to stock it with Trout. Also hit the Mystic River (Amelia Airhart Dam) Access behind the Home Depot near Sullivan Station. Huge Carp! Also fantastic Striper fishing when they open the gates to let the boat traffic through. One side is Freshwater the other saltwater so make sure your have the proper license. Also look into the Res on Alewife on the opposite side of Fresh pond. Not sure if you can still access this area. The Fens has huge Carp and Bass, but don't eat them!! (FYI) The area used to be a little dicey so travel in groups during the day.

Good luck and have fun.

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