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Originally Posted by rjsac09 View Post
flysmallie thanks for all of the info. If I can hook a few of those I will be happy as can be! I was more so curious about their table fare. Not planning on doing any cleaning while down there.

Thanks again!

No problem. If you can't hook one give me a holler and I'll come slap you around. It's really easy as long as you are where they are. You should be able to spot them chasing baitfish and the birds chasing them around. Get a fly out in front of them and they will take care of the rest.

These fish are fun but they are hard on flies and leaders. And mono isn't going to cut it. Be ready for anything. While I was only able to catch ladyfish I hooked three other fish that I'm pretty sure were something else. I saw my backing on those three. Twice in about 15 minutes the first morning.

Looked at the eyes and they are just listed as small by Wapsi. But I don't think it matters. Just get something in front of them and they will take it.

Good luck!
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