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Originally Posted by rjsac09 View Post
flysmallie thanks for all of the info. If I can hook a few of those I will be happy as can be! I was more so curious about their table fare. Not planning on doing any cleaning while down there.
My Dad's cousin (by marriage) fileted some nice sized Ladyfish one time, not knowing any better, and complained afterwards that it "just fell apart" on him before he even had a chance to cook it. The meat's pretty much useless for anything but a soup base, if that--I really don't know about the flavor but I assume it's nothing to write home about. They're a fun fish to catch in the surf though.

If you're lucky some bluefish will be moving through the area while you're there. If your casts can reach them, they'll hit almost anything, but white or chartreuse Clousers will work well. You'll need to account for their teeth with a bite guard leader, fly tied short on a long shank hook, etc...

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