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Default Re: Funky internet advice.....Cheating?


And before I have my rebuttal I want to THANK YOU for helping out your local Fish and Game. (I have taken digital photo of the cars and the poachers but never video) Our Fish and Game employees are overworked, undermanned, underpaid and need all the help they can get. To often you will find Fly Fishing elitists standing in a fly only catch and release area and will say noting and I mean nothing a the illegal fishing some 30 feet from them. I can rant over and over about that. And, it isn’t that I am a fly fishing elitist. I fish bait in the bait area (In Mo we call it Beer and Bell’s fishing). I fly fish in the fly only area why can’t they. I just prefer fly fishing over bait.

So now to the rebuttal:
I what I am saying is… if you are catching fish by any means with a fly rod it is fly fishing and that is ok by me.

Now it isn’t a “River runs through it fly fishing” but would that be you have to be a Brad Pit and top water fly fish all the time to call it fly fishing? I recently showed a 65 year old ultra light fisherman how to tie a double beadhead wollybugger like I had on my fly rod and he went to town. I still would say I was fly fishing and he was spinner fishing but we were using both the same setup. Two months ago I figured out how to rig a 12’ to 15’ leader with two hooks of Minnows. I would “Plop Cast” and had a ball nymphing a East Texas lake for Crappie. Incidentally the sensitivity of my fly rod would transmit a strike better than my fishing buddies with their ultra lights. I would consider that fly fishing for crappies. Again, I wouldn’t consider that traditional at all but I really had a ball.

My biggest point here is you can use any technique to catch fish with any type of rig. I prefer a fly rod over ultra light or St. Croix bass rod.

I could take your point and I actually couldn't see myself fly fishing with the bottom bouncer. spin cast getup would work better...

However, using your point would you say any form of streamer or minnow or even tandem rig on a fly rod isn’t fly fishing.. I would still prefer to say, use what ever technique you want with what ever getup you want as long as you enjoy the outdoors and being in the moment. And, most of all “pass it on to others” we don’t have enough XBOX kids learning outdoors activities and I feel in 30 years they will be voting tax dollars away from already dwindling fish and game and DNR coffers.


PS.. and thanks for the debate this weekend I couldn't go fishing so this was fun and if you ever want to get a zen like read "Trout Bum" is great for this esoteric form of thought.
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