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Default Curve to the right

Another thread (6- Weight Renaissance) brought up the fly cast "curve to the right"for right handed casters. It's not an easy cast until you get the moves down with a little practice, then it becomes part of your game. I use it all the time. So I'll open up the discussion here in the Fly Casting Forum.

Here's couple of ways I make the cast and then I'll let others chime in with their thoughts. I know that there's more ways than one to skin the cat, but my skinnin' goes like this.....

First way is the twist of the wrist during the power stroke. Remember the fundamental, the line goes were the tip goes. Make your normal overhead back cast and on the forward cast, right as you snap your wrist, snap it to the right. It takes some pretty good line speed for this cast to happen.The end of the forward cast should bounce and the fly kick around to the right. Aim above the water as high as the wind will allow you and after the fly has kicked follow the line to the water with your rod tip so as not to pull any curve you put into it.

Second way is the curve to the right cast I use the most...make a normal overhead back cast making sure that the back cast is in the target line or slightly left of it, towards your left back pocket when looking ahead. Try not to throw the back cast out to the right. Your attempting to make an open loop for the forward cast. Remember the fundamental that your back cast and your forward cast should be separated by 180 degrees. Less than 180 and you get a tailing closed loop and more than 180 an open wide loop, so for the curve right we set up an open loop.

As the back cast is completed change planes and tilt the rod to the horizontal and make a forward stroke in a u or dish shape with no extra power ending with the rod tip up and not so much pointed horizontally at the target. The open loop will stall the turnover of the leader along with the sweeping rod move giving the line path a slight rise, you'll see a nicely curved line and leader to the right and some handy slack to go with it. Again, it all happens in the air so you must follow the line down to the water or you will pull the curve and slack out.

I know there's other ways so have at it...let's hear 'em.
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