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Default Buying Barbless Flies, a political movement.

I live in SF and most of the places I fish require barbless hooks, although I use them regardless. I recently searched quite a few internet fly gear outfits and was disappointed to find a very limited amount of barbless flies. With the high amount of water that requires barbless I found this a little surprising.
To encourage better availability of barbless flies, might it be a good idea to start a campaign of letter writing, email, and whatnot to the manufacturers, distributor and perhaps even any media outlets they advertise in? It seems that a majority of us here use barbless and even those who usually don't must once in a while via regulations.
I know it is a simple matter to either pinch or file the damn things down, but why should we have to? Not to mention, if barbless flies are available, out there and ubiquitous, people who are unaware of their upsides are bound to ask and learn.
I don't tie my own flies YET, but when I do I will still buy a few flies now and again at the local fly shops close to where I cast, for the advice etc. I will be interested in attending a tying class some day, so if you can suggest one close to San Francisco, please do.

If anybody knows of a good online source of barbless flies, please respond.

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