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Default fly fishing sling/pouch

I'm looking for a simple sling type pouch or something similar that I can stash my flies in when I go out fishing.
My friend who got me into fly fishing has this great little thing from JW Outfitters, and I think it is a perfect, no nonsense, light kit to take along. I can't seem to find it anywhere, or anything similar.

It is a small, tri-folded nylon or poly-shell pouch, with a clear pocket on the front for your license and stuff, a felt/velcro interior (good for holding streamers and such,) and two plastic boxes that velcro on to the inside of the center fold, to hold flies and small things like that...It also has a d-ring on the bottom that he's got a tippet spool holder hooked to, and a mesh pocket on the rear for random stuff. It measures probably 4'' wide by 6'' long, and 3''thick folded, and unfolded about 16 inches long. A simple cord stitched along one of the folds serves as the sling.

The closest thing I could find was a Hodgman sling-pack, but it looks a little bulky. Probably never going to find anything like it, and JW Outfitters is nowhere to be found either.

Anyone have any good suggestions for a simple setup like this?
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