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Default Re: Buying Barbless Flies, a political movement.

Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
I agree with you. It's simply about economics.

Let me tell you something that's happening in the Sierras of California (especially the Truckee River). Game wardens check everyone's flies to see if they barbless. They will pass the fly through a cotton ball. If it snags, it is not considered barbless. One can pinch down a barb, and still have piece that may snag the cotton. Some overzealous game wardens will ticket anyone if there is the tiniest amount of snag. The fine, as I was told, is $435.

That is a problem with the game wardens... not the hook makers.

Game wardens should ticket a clearly unpinched barb. If effort was made to pinch, then game warden should show the owner a better technique to pinching the barb.

Education is more valuable to the GW in the long run than this month's ticket quota.
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