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Default Re: Hardy ?

Hardy IMO are overpriced, however the Demon series has had a good following and its sister company, Greys, is certainly more popular in the UK for the overall price.

Here's my general opinion some on of the rods that I've tried out (at the CLA gamefair earlier this year)...

Angel and Angel TE - You might as well use a garden cane, the blanks are prone to breakage (I can already hear the cries of disbelief! ) and it looks like they've been pasted in ketchup followed by varnish. These things are way overpriced.

Marksman - Again, overpriced for what it is and the blank doesn't have a lot of 'soul', you'd be better off with a St. croix at this price. The cork is fairly rough too.

Zane - Not too bad, however you'd get mugged for the reel insert.

Demon - Perhaps the best in the 'performance' range, these have more feel in the blanks, the cork is better for the price and they don't possess too much 'bling'.

Don't get me started on the 50 warranty fee that applies in the UK. Give me a choice between a 375 Marksman and a 160 St. croix Avid, I'd take the avid any day, and it's not because of the price.
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