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Default Re: Hardy ?

I haven't tried a Hardy yet... However, a FFF Master Instructor that I know let me try out a GREYS he had and now I am hooked. Grey's is not over priced and the "Connectedness" I got from the 10' streamflex was great.. I even tried it side by side with a helios and felt I could feel the tug/bump quicker and better with the GREYS than the Helios...

Price is $300 vs $800 I will go for the $300..

He actually felt the $300 rod was very close his very own DEMON. for a fraction of the cost.

He did say the exactly what our UK friend says the Angle "it is way way to price for how it performs... You can get a better cast from a Greys 8 Traveling Mission 6 piece than that rod"

IF you get a chance try out the GREYS.. I sure like them and I have been trying a bunch Scott's, Sage's, Orvis's this last year. I am now converted from Scott 9' to Greys 10'.. And not because of the cast it is because how the feel of fish hits on the line transfer down the rod. And it is sad because I really like SCOTT..

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