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Default I need help keeping interest in our club

I am not sure if this belongs here, but I think since it is club related it might fit.

Due to the condition of the economy and it being summer time in Texas, our member participation is dropping. I know a few of our once active members were laid-off from their jobs, and they soon left the club. I understand that, but we have officers who havenít shown up except maybe twice all year long. We have people who make promises, but never follow through and I find this the most frustrating.

Here is a little back ground, my wife and I run the meetings. I think one thing that turns the older guys off of the meetings is my wife does most of the talking since she can prepare for meetings during the days while I am at work, and she is also more dynamic/ energetic (talks a lot) than I am. The older guys (when they do show up), also, only want to talk about non-fly-fishing things and when we finally do get back on topic nothing is ever decided upon (i.e. monthly fishing outings).

My wife and I have tried to prepare different discussion topics to help people learn about fly fishing, such as fishing in different seasons, or where good places to fish different times of the year. Every time we try, we get shot down by the old all-knowing fishing gurus who tell us that what we looked up only is true for [fill in a species of fish you donít fish for] and not [species of fish you do fish for]. The discussions go nowhere, and nobody participates after that. This makes preparing for meetings to be a chore and no fun anymore.

What do other clubs do to retain interest in fly fishing in their clubs? Iíve asked numerous times what people want during our club meetings, but nobody speaks up. And to top that off, lately, only 1-3 people have even been coming to the meetings. Iíve lined up people to spin deer hair, tie other types of flies, and demonstrate how to make a bamboo rod. Weíve also had Steve Hollensed and Allen Crise give presentations and casting seminars. People show up for those, but not the regular meetings and outings. Weíve only had one outing this year and that was last month and my wife and I were the only ones to show up.

Please help me run a successful club, though, I probably should have asked this long ago before too many people dropped out.

Thank you very much I appreciate yíallís input.
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