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Default Re: I need help keeping interest in our club

Thanks everybody, I like everyone's ideas.

And Mark, Newtofly, is the main reason why I started this thread, I want to be able to reflect a quality club with vast amounts of interest and knowedge.

We "try" to do a lot of what was mentioned. We've done casting clinics, tying days, we are about to get a webpage up and running. We, also, are somewhat sponsored by our local Academy Sports and Outdoors store, they let us meet for free every month and help with advertising when we do have a big function. We also sit at gunshows every now and then if there is a vacant table. (Gunshows are usually pretty good advertisement, in fact, I found out about the club at a gunshow, I was showing my wife what a Tilley hat was and how I wanted one and the guy selling them had an NTFF [North Texas FlyFishers] logo that I asked him about.)

We have monthly meetings, and try to have monthly outings. We've talked about a conservation/stream improvement project on the only flyfishing only lake in TX. The Fort Worth club started it and we were supposed to help out with it, but that never has come to fruition.

I will pass this information on to the more active members to see what they think.
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