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Default Re: Redington Predator

Thanks to Cliff, Frank and others!

I decided to go with a 7 wt. SA bass line and a 7 wt. sinking tip (6 ips). After casting the 6 wt. predator with a 6 wt RIO Grand I had, I decided to go with a 7 wt. From a kayak, I want to pop the cast out quickly and with little back cast. Yes, I did want both. I wanted to be able to get a fly to or near the bottom quickly on these streams, so I went with the sink tip.

I'll be fishing the Zumbro in SE MN on Sept. 22-23. It's my first time fishing a kayak on a stream, first time fishing for SM from a canoe or kayak and first time with this rig. I'll try to let you know how it goes.

Everyone's input while I worked my way throught the decission making process was extremely helpful. What a great website!
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