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Default Re: Fly rod for my wife

I hear you loud and clear about the husband being the worst teacher. I have been fighting this idea, but I know you are right. I'll have to swallow my pride and have someone else teach her.

Other teachers are available. We have a couple of local pro's here that give lessons and one of the guys in our local fly fishing club teaches a class in fly casting/fishing at the local Jr. college every winter.

I also had not thought of having her try several rods and choosing one herself. I've been in too much of a hurry. I need to let her learn to cast and then let her try several rods and pick out the one that feels right to her. One of our local fly shops has demo rods of all major brands and they are pretty free with loaning them out for a day or so.

For those who asked, she is a small woman, 5'3" with a thin build and a tiny wrist so I think the idea of the 8' or 81/2' 5 wt rods will work, but after all your advice, I think I'll let HER figure that out!!

So..... once again I have proven that I don't know everything. I hate that, but I thank you all anyway!! Your good ideas will give us both a better result.

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