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Default Re: Crane Creek Mo. Anybody fished there lately

Thanks KS for the input.

I have been looking at GOOGLEMaps and it looks like either around the city park or old wire road should be access points.

Because of the rain we didn't leave tonight like planned. So, we are going to head out 5:00 am and go through CRANE tomorrow and will get an idea of what the color is. We will be at roaring river till Wed. So I hope we can head back to Crane Monday or Tuesday.

I have had a few conversations with Charlie... I believe he has forgot more than I can ever know. What a walking, talking fly fisher. You can ask him the differences between a G and G2 Scott rod and he will also thow in how different lines work in both rods.. I actually hope to purchase a GREYS rod this winter from him. Or trade the used once Helios for a GREYS 10' rod.

Anyway thanks again for the input... I will update next Thursday when I get back as to how well the fishing was.. From what I read and what you said.. I need to get my STEALTH ON.

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