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Default Re: Your Worst Day / Calamities While Fishing

The Warrior Princess and I took off down to the North Fork of the White River (about a 3 hour drive) for a 3-day weekend (2 day trip) of camping and wade fishing in the Fall a few years ago. She was really due for some down time, so I was really determined to make it a nice trip for her. We lived in a nice loft apartment in the downtown of a city of 300k people. Sooooo...

We get camp all set up just before dark when it hits me: I haven't seen the wader bag, which contains our waders and boots. I had left it outside the door of our apartment in the hallway!

I called our neighbor. He confirmed the bag was still there. He was also the resident manager, so I asked him to use his master key and slip the bag inside our door. I drove all the way back, got the bag, and drove back to camp...6 hours. It was now midnight.

The next morning I awake and discover the campground owners' cat mangled and hanging from the under-carriage of my truck. I disposed of the body quickly. Then the Warrior Princess got up and asked what was for breakfast. That's when I realized I hadn't brought anything for breakfast. Mind you, we were a good 30 minute drive from the nearest gas station...and more like an hour from any sort of restaurant or grocery store. So I had quite a bit of whining and grumbling to endure until lunch time.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Then there was the time they opened up to full generators @ Norfork Dam and I got my legs knocked out from under me and swept downstream. But I didn't break my fly rod or even lose my sunglasses or hat on that deal. Danged-near drowned due to exhaustion from fighting my way out of the current and up the bank, but all's well that ends well. So that one really doesn't count.

__________________________________________________ _______________

And then there's the time that the 2-hour hike into the canyon, a couple of hours fishing, and a 2-hour hike back out turned into a 2.5 day fight for survival in the Gila Wilderness during which I lost $1500 worth of gear.

Yeah, that one was probably the worst.
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