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Default This was my worst trip of the year

Here is my submission for 09 (When I wrote this report I was not a member here).

Well everybody posts reports telling of great adventures; however I have a different type of tale this time. As most of you know my wife got me a new rod for Valentine’s Day and I was excited to go check it out.

I was excited for this trip and woke up before my alarm. When I woke up I heard the tell tale sign of my wife’s wind chimes, I thought to myself **** I hope the wind dies down out there. So I got ready and I was out of my house at 0630. I started to head east where I met my friend, we loaded his gear in my vehicle and we were on our way.

When we got to the exit I noticed how windy it was, unfortunately this was the first time that the weather guys were right. The weather forecast was a high of 36 with wind from 18-20 mph with gusts of 35-40. As we made our way up the road there was blowing snow everywhere. When we drove down into the canyon conditions were the same.

We arrived at the first location we wanted to fish and got geared up. I was curious how my new toy would perform in the wind. We made our way down to the water and began to fish. I started the day fishing a size 8 stone fly with a size 16 copper john. Needless to say I got no action with this combo and decided to switch.

I sat down on an island for a quick smoke and to watch the water for a bit. I noticed a few fish rise so I decided that I would tie on a size 20 BWO. Well this was a new fly and I always de-barb my hooks after I tie them to the tippet (you can see where this is going). So as I was wetting the knot a gust of wind came and blew my rod pulling the BWO into my lip.

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

I made my way back to the vehicle and started to try to remove the fly from my lip. I was working the hook back out when the barb grabbed hold on the way out and the hook was stuck. After fiddling around with it forever, I used an ice pack to numb my lip. After about five minutes or so my lip was pretty numb, I grabbed a pair of forceps and removed the fly from my lip.

Wanting to actually catch some fish on this day I rigged back up and went back. This time I went with a size 20 red midge and a size 20 emerger under an indicator. I made my way back to the river and cast out. I saw the indicator move and it was fish on. As the fish got closer I knew it was not a trout, it was a white fish. I caught five more whitefish out of this spot and decided to move on.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

We drove to the next location, there was a turn off with some snow but my friend said you have a 4X4 you should be fine. So I drove down close to the river bank, got out and went to fish. I was nymphing the end of a riffle that went into a large deep recirc. Pool but I was not having much luck. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed quite a few fish rising. I thought to myself thank god and tied on a size 20 BWO.

I cast out to the rising fish and one took my fly, I set the hook and it was fish on. This fish was small but feisty and put on a nice aerial show. I got this little guy to my feet and he looked to only be around 13-14” As I reached down to unhook him he popped off and swam away. I hooked quite a few more on the dries and ended up L.D.R.’ing all of them. I was starting to get frustrated and went at it again I said to myself after I land a bow I am going to pack it up. So I cast out into the foam line and I see a fish rise and take my fly. This little guy put on a great show and fight. I landed this little guy who was only around 10-11” got a couple of photos and let him go.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

So I decided that it was time to head out, I geared down and packed up the vehicle. I went to take off and it went well until I hit a deep patch of snow and got stuck. **** I thought to myself and we got out and tried to dig out the tires. We were still stuck and could not get out no matter what we tried. Another car came by and two guys got out and asked us if we needed help. They helped us get out and we sat and BS’ed for a few. We thanked them and then left. It had been quite the day I said to Steve as we drove away.

So a few things about the day: First I want to say that my new rod is frickin awesome. Even though it is a 5 WT the fish on feel is phenomenal even with small fish. It casts very well in the windy conditions. I know there are a lot of anti Orvis people but I would recommend this rod to anybody. It is too bad they discontinued the rod as it is a pleasure to fish. Second the wind just sucked it did not let up at all during the entire day. When I was at the spot with all of the fish rising I wanted to grab my TXL but decided against it. I swear I must have found the only hole with juvenile fish on the SFB. Third as far as Steve he did not fish much because he fell early in the day and his back was bothering him. I asked him if he wanted to leave, he said no he was going to sit in the vehicle and go over his TOPO for future trips.
Flies that were used:

#8 Stonefly nymph
#16 Copper John
# 20 Red midge
# 20 Emerger
# 20 BWO
# 18 BWO
# 20 Griffith’s Gnat
# 20 Para. Adams
# 20 Cripple Baties
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