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Default Re: Your Worst Day / Calamities While Fishing

Went to Davis Lake last weekend, my buddy and I were trying out float tubes for the first time. I hear him yell and turn to look and see he has a nice bend in his rod, he also seems to be sitting kinda funny on his float tube.

Well, long story short, he got so excited when he caught the fish, he grabbed his net and it was hooked around the fill valve for his float tube, yep, you guessed it, he pulled the valve out. Luckily, he was using a float tube that has 3 chambers, and so there he is, fish on, line wrapped around this legs, float tube leaning to the right with no air in the right chamber, and to top it all off he has a leg cramp. I kicked over to him netted his fish, showed it to him and released it. Then grabbed his pontoon and between the two of us we started for shore. Wind came up, we are both new at pontoons, and well, it took a bit, 30 minutes of fighting, wind and a caddywhompas float tube, but we finally got to shore.

we were able to screw the valve back in and refill his float tube, and then get back on the water, during the whole ordeal the wind kept getting worse, and now it has switched direction and is blowing towards my jeep. After fighting the wind for about 30 more minutes we decide maybe it is just time to go. We deflate everything, load up the trucks, and the wind dies. From where we are we can see that all of a sudden there are fish jumping everywhere, of course they are jumping out of reach from the shore and all our gear is not deflated and in the truck.

We thought about reinflating and getting back on the water, but decided instead to have a smoke and a cold drink and just watch for a bit, 15 minutes later, wind comes back, fish stop jumping, and we headed home.

Just think, we almost got everything back out and reinflated, and about the time we would have had them inflated, we would have been blown off the water.

Not a really bad day, but a recent outing. My buddy and I laugh about it now, and my family and I had a great laugh at the restaurant having dinner that night. Waitress actually came over and said we were having so much fun (I am a pretty good story teller in person my wife says) that she wanted to join us.

All in all, nobody died or got hurt, my buddy took the tube back to Sierra trading post and got a refund due to the defective valve, and he is buying a tube that sits a little lower on the water and is not so wind affected, and has covered and hidden valves. We plan on going again before winter hits and closes down the roads to the lake. I am taking a video camera next time!

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