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Default Re: Your Worst Day / Calamities While Fishing

My worst day fishing happened in 2006 in April; April 22nd to be exact. I went out to try for some Perch to take with me to our annual turkey and trout camp. Perch were not biting, so I decided to try for some walleye rather then just quit for the day. I was out in my little boat, the 14 footer; and was fishing down near the mouth of the river (Detroit River) along with what seemed like a million other boats, there was a big tournament going on that weekend. Fishing was very slow, so I decided to call it quits for the day and headed in. As I was opening the throttle the motor decided to start acting up and I couldn't get the boat to plane off. I throttled back down,and did a little tinkering and tried again. As the bow started lifting a small wave picked that moment to hit me in the stern and came over my back end. I jumped to the center of the boat to try and level it off but I was too late. Water was up even with the top of the seats and the boat did a slow roll (one of the disadvantages of foam floatation in that type boat), dumping me and everything else in the river. I grabbed my floatation and climbed on the boat and rolled it back over and climbed in; the next wave rolled it right back over. I climbed on the bottom of the boat and my PFD was no where to be seen; then it popped out from under the boat and started to float away. I knew I needed it and dove in and swam to it and then swam back to the boat and climbed back on.

The boat wasn't going anywhere as the anchor was doing a fine job of holding us in place, I was really wishing I could get rid of it at that time as the wind was blowing toward shore. Boats were going by about a half mile farther out then I was but they couldn't see me. Fortunately someone on shore saw me go over and called the local fire department; unfortunately they didn't have a boat to come get me. The US Coast Guard was up at the other end of the river making sure everyone was safe up A couple was going out to do some fishing and the people on shore told them I was in trouble. They came to my boat and between the man and myself managed to eventually pull me into their boat; with all my wet clothes and boots I must have weighed nearly 300 pounds. I began taking off wet clothes and the lady gave me her hooded sweat shirt, a very nice shade of pink... About the time I got her shirt on the Canadien CG pulled up and they took over, I gave her the shirt back and they wrapped me up in a blanket and floatastion coat and took me into the marina where the paramedics were waiting. The lady police officer who talked to me told me I had been in the water for at least 45 minutes and most probably longer; water temp was 42 degrees. The Canadian Coastie was telling me about Hypothermia, and the funny thing was he was giving me all the numbers in Centigrade; I finally mentioned I was familiar with it but his numbers were'nt making much sense at the time; all I knew was the water was freaking cold EH?

The paramedics wanted to take me to the hospital, but I told them just take me to my truck. They wanted to know what I had at my truck, and I told them my trailer, can't get the boat home without that. They took me to the launch where I had my truck and when I got back my boat was at the marina dock waiting. The only thing I lost was a minnow bucket, tackle box and my boat battery. I did learn a valuable lesson; never buy a water resistant marine radio, always buy waterproof.

The Man Above was watching out for me that day, I was very cold when I got home and had some bruised ribs from my rescuers boat gunnel when I was being pulled into his boat.

When I got home the Wife was asking don't you ever answer your phone? I told her it doesn't work to well when it gets wet, as I stepped from behind the truck wrapped in a blanket looking like a drowned rat...

I did go and find my rescuers; I knew they had a red boat and a three legged dog. It took me about a half hour of looking in the little village they lived in. I knocked on the door and when the lady answered I asked if they had pulled a man out of the water on Saturday. She said Yes they had; and was he all right? I told her Yes he was fine thanks to them, and don't I look different dry? She asked me "How did you find us?" I just told her not many 3 legged labs running around the area as I petted him...

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