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Default Re: what's better, Size or numbers?

Small fish for this guy!
I release everything anyway, so the more fish I catch, the more fun I have.
Everything is relative so I downsize my tackle and have just as much fun with little fish as many have with big ones.
I catch a lot of beautiful sunfish in a local clean lake with my 1 weight. Many troll all day with hopes of catching a big bass..... but they usually don't catch anything! LOL Some drift live minnows under a bobber, while others bounce live worms on the bottom. Nobody catches anything........ they all complain about the lack of fish!!
I usually catch near 100 gills with my 1 weight. I have a ball!!
I love to tie my own flies and only fish with the ones I make.
Some have said to me "you better hope that you don't get a big carp with that tiny rod because you'll never land him"
It's the fun that I'm after, not the fish for food.
It doesn't get any better than that.
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