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Default Re: Fly tying beginner

First off,
You'll want to start off as cheap as possible, but with enough quality in your tools that you'll at least be able to decide if youd like to keep doing it.
First question
Do you have a fly shop near by?

I am going to give you a list here of materials and tools you'll need to tie wooly buggers, which is the recomended fly to tie when starting out and it requires the least amount of skill to tie. This will be a very concise list not everything you will ever need but only the necessities.

Thompson Vice/ Pedastal Base or C-Clamp
Thread bobbin
Hackle Pliers
Materelli Style Whip Finisher
Sharp Fine Scissors

6/0 Uni-Thread Olive and Black
Strung marabou Olive and Black
medium chenille Olive and Black
Streamer Hooks Size 8/10/12
Whiting Hackle Bugger Packs Olive and Black

This is the cheapest way to decide if you want to tie flies.
Should you decide to continue,
you should only continue by getting materials to tie
on pattern at a time.
don't feel that you need to progress to quickly
start by tying buggers, then nymphs, then progress to dries last as they require the most skill.
Don't move on to another fly pattern until you have tie at least a dozen buggers in both black and olive.
Try to steer clear from start up kits.
they generally give you a bunch of junk that you'll never use and is substandard quality.
I hope that helps.
Keep us abreast of how your tying continues.

Most importantly have fun.
"Jesus Said, Go Fishing"
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