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Default Re: Head Cement or Super Glue?

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I found this thread today while searching the web for information on Fish'n Glue. I noted below that MrEsox uses and touts it (at least he did in 2008).

I am a primitive angler, meaning that I fish for largemouth bass in the southwestern USA. However, perhaps I am worthy of your assistance because both of my sons have somehow lost their way and grown up to become flyfishing devotees. Initially that parental rejection was devastating but now I find that it's not really so bad because the elder one is custom building a G Loomis flipping stick for me!

Anyway, I am wondering if MrEsox or someone else who haunts these forums could advise me as to whether Fish'N Glue is still available in the UK or elsewhere and if so from whom and at what price? In the USA this stuff, which I love for several bassfishing applications, is recently out of production and apparently no longer available anywhere even as overstock/remainders.

I signed up for this forum today just so I could ask for your help.

Newbie comment: the posts in this forum (I have now looked at many glue-related threads here) are so very much more polite and helpful (and drily humorous) than the average bass angler post to which I am accustomed! Kudos to your community for its approach to this mode of angler interaction.
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