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Default Re: Best Fly Fishing Vehicles

My best vehicle for fishing so far is my current Frontier 4x4 p.u. truck w/ a canopy and a wide roof rack that will take two 17' canoes. It will hold all of my camping and fishing gear for extended trips with the wife or a buddy. If I'm camping/fishing by myself, I can throw a bedroll in the back and not have to pitch a tent. The 4x4 with good tires lets me get into some lakes w/unplowed roads for ice fishing. I DO carry chains "just in case". Also, I'm only 5'9" when I stand up real tall, so the small P.U. lets me reach my canoe without needing a step ladder. (us short people have limitations)

It also has a v6 engine so I can haul my little 14' boat in and out of the water on some of the steeper ramps or sometimes where there isn't a ramp.

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