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Default Discerning a strike from the bottom

Hi All,
What a bunch of invaluable hints/tips in this forum!

Here's my problem. I'm still relatively new at this absolutely addictive activity (fly fishing) and although I am able to get trouts with some success, I loose way too many fish. My issue is that I am having a difficult time discerning a strike from hooking the bottom of the river. As you all know, a small hesitation is often enough for the fish to spit the fly. I try to convince myself to set the hook and deal with the eventual bottom hook but given the very unpleasant feeling and accompanying hassle associated with hooking a rock or submerged tree limb, I hesitate.

Now, although I know that with time I should be able to better read my indicator and discern a fish strike from a bottom hook, I would appreciate any recommendations/hints from you all wise people!

BTW, I feel that fish take a wet fly in many different ways. Some fight vigorously right away while others seem to gently tug on the line, at least initially (my biggest catch ever happened to be the most gentle initial strike by a nice 18" Rainbow). This variability in the initial strike seems to be true for both Browns and Rainbows. After the initial strike, I do notice different patterns. Browns tend to dive deep and hard while Rainbows flip out of the water and spin.

Help me keep the fish on the hook, at least until I release it.

Thanks in advance.
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