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Default The power of the fly!

The last couple days I have been smackin' the bluegills, yellow perch, and crappies with my fly rod.
This is a deep, clean, non polluted lake with a abundance of fish.
A few boats with small live minnows catch a couple crappies...... but only a couple!!
I was experimenting with different methods and what I found was shocking to me. I tried live trout worms, live nightcrawlers, and tiny plastic 1 1/2" crappie tubes with my spin rod. I went under a float, and mid depth, and on the bottom. I'm a seasoned fisherman and I have high quality tackle. On my spin rod I have Power Pro 8/1 with a new Stradic and a St Croix.
I can cast a mile with the super thin braid and the bait or plastic looks perfect in the water.
After not catchin' I take my 1wt out and catch big crappie after big crappie with a tiny size 16 BH nymph!!
This really showed me the power of a flyrod. Now I leave my stinkin' spin **** home and only take UL fly gear.
I keep a couple for tablefare because this lake is clean.
After trial and error, I've got the perfect sink rate bead head that will catch better than live bait!!
I don't know why, but sometimes I think my spin gear will catch more fish. It must be a lack of confidence with all the spin rods around.
A well tied tiny nymph looks better to a fish than a hunk of worm!!
What do you seasoned flyrodders think? Are chicken feathers really better than bait?
Longrods Forever,
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