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Default Re: Restoring an old reel and rod

Originally Posted by Flyfisher for men
I've got a model 1110 Southbend reel I'm cleaning up. I acquired it after it sat around for years, and there's a lot of grit and gunk. Am I OK to use something like a parts cleaner or degreaser on it (such as found in automotive stores)?Also, it came with a three piece fiberglass rod (label says Silaflex, but no mention of Browning). It has some scotch tape residue on it and some other sticky substances. Is it safe to take a bug and tar remover to it?
Don't ever use any type of auto parts petroleum based cleaners on rods. Especially bug & tar remover. It's a bad thing on the rod finish and the epoxies that hold fiberglass and graphite fiber rods together.

Water soluble cleaners you can buy at your local market like Simple Green or Formula 409 will remove the tape residue from your rod if you soak it long enough and wipe it clean. Rinse with clean water and your done. Clean your reel with the same stuff using a small brush and Q-Tip, rinse with water, blow dry and lube it up again.
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