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Default Re: pike and bass fly line question

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
I have used both lines and like them. MoscaPescador brings up a good point about temperature. The Pike/Musky taper is designed for cooler water. You could use the Pike/Musky line in warmer water and it would still work for you, but you probably wouldn't like the Bass taper as much in cold water. The thing I like about the pike line is that it will turn over a really serious fly, and has a really thin running line. I can put a heavy, soggy fly like the Reynold's Pike fly really far out there. If you don't plan to fish cold water or gigantic flies, either line will be fine. I hope this helps.
I will be fishing gen-x bunnys and some decent size divers. What do you consider cold water? So you think the pike is the better all around choice?

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