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Default Re: what rods do our youth use

I've had a radical thinning-out of my gear, I'm now left with...

St Croix Avid 9ft #5 (my 'go-to' rod)
Greys X-flite 9ft 6" #7
Greys Streamflex 10ft #4
Sage TXL 7ft 10" #4 (built myself)
Sage Launch 9ft #5
Greys G-tec 10ft #8 (for light salmon fishing)
A now-repaired Greys Platinum saltwater 9ft #9 (for pike)

And the reels...

Lamson Konic 3.5 (with spare spool) and a Velocity II (the original one) 2.0
Greys GRXi+ #7/8
Three Greys GLA 90's (plus god knows how many spare spools)
Hardy Demon 5000
Sage 2550

I wasted the proceeds on fishing trips, however my room is a lot tidier and doesn't smell of fish as much.
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