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Default Re: Use Center Pin Reel or Alvey Reel as a Fly Reel

Originally Posted by burk48237 View Post
The Alvey I'm not personally familiar with, I've only seen pictures. But a Centerpin reel would be a disaster as a fly reel. Most are designed to provide the least resistance possible when feeding line, They would overrun way to easily when stripping line while fly casting. Also most have no drag to speak off, even my vintage Hardy click and Pawls provide more initial drag pressure. And the good ones cost as much or more then a good fly reel.
Thanks for all the Reel Info 8)

How does the Cortland Mono compare with Berkley Trilene Big Game?
More stuff we just don't have in East Texas 8(

I have some Cortland Concept Flylines in WF/F & WF/S. IMHO it's on par with Airflow 7000 Line. To me most of the lines feels about the same, cast about the same with me.

The odd thing is I tested DT & WF Lines at Orvis Day & I can cast a lot better with the DT. Why I can is just bugging me to no end.
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