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Default New Hardy and Greys gear for 2010...

Not sure if anyone's interested, however Hardy and Greys are launching several new rod ranges in 2010, plus a new reel.

From Hardy the new Uniqua rod and reel series look to be a sure-fire winners, especially with the lower price tag to complement the Demon series.

Greys are launching a new GRXi+ range, along with the GS and GS2 series, the latter two are undoubtedly being launched to replace the very popular G-series. Unusually these rods are being launched as four-piece models, presumably to compete with rods on the US market (i.e St Croix and lower-end Sages).

More info can be found on the Hardy & Greys website. I'll be testing one of the new Uniqua rods when they are released so if anyone's interested I'll submit a review.
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