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Default Re: How many fish do you catch?

It all depends- new vs. familiar stream, species, water conditions, hatches, etc...

Most trout outings I average between 6 and 8 fish, occasionally more, often fewer. After I've caught three or four I feel comfortable I've figured them out. I've had a lot of fun mindlessly catching trout- even a couple honest-to-God 50 fish days. It's so fun it's silly. But I also enjoy being able to perfectly recollect the one or two fish I catch on a "slow" day...where they rose, how they looked, what they took, etc.

I tend to do better warmwater fishing, and probably average 10-15 bass over 12 inches on a decent outing. Again, sometimes more, more often less.

And I also tend to fish better if my dinner depends on it
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